2012-4-9 DIY MGC M31 Riot Gun,Marushin Anschtuz 1403

Product Code: 2012-4-9 DIY MGC M31 Riot Gun,Marushin Anschtuz 1403
Met up with a friend for a casual meet who during the conversation said "I have something of your taste ...", and before long, he handed over two rare old long guns to me as a gift, and see if I would renovate them...
Friends knew I like old stuff, but in fact I liked old stuff that's classic ... Anyway, I don’t have enough money to buy new things, so I snatched it with a little thought.
Greedy I omit, but this friend of mine is also a gunsmith, so it was kinda of a challenge accepted ... exciting stuff!
See pic
This is how I wrapped her home ... because no one would bring a bag all times expecting to bump into a great find
第一支,MGC Remington M31 Riot Gun(Cap枪)...品相极差,锈得拉不动!缺少了枪托底板,满是尘埃,猫毛,昆虫的家!!!
First in line, MGC Remington M31 Riot Gun (Cap) ... it had certainly seen better days and the mechanism was seized up by rust ! It lacks the butt end plate, it’s full of dust, cat hair, and it’s a home for the insects !!!
I thought MGC produced 870 before, may have seen it once but didn’t raise my attention. Turns out that it’s a M31. Something new everyday.
Can't be cocked at all ... I couldn't believe my friend would treat a gun like this. Later my friend revealed that it was a clear out item from one of his friends, he thought it’s a waste to bin it just like that so he retrieved it ...
Guns, like people, have their own stories. The more you lived, the more stories, life is a big story, so some guns have life, and some don’t (such as the recent high speed low drag tactical fudd with pic rails and all ). I never want to waste my time on no-life stuff.
It seems that M31 is not 870 ... later research also proved this ...
Crap, that would be shit load of work. The wood is nice though, the color is solid and beautiful ... in comparison to the garbage-grade wood of today's Japanese guns.
The gun owner should have removed the end butt plate for other purposes. It was originally an orange color buffer, now that would be a hurdle.
I was too naive to think just to remove the “MGC” marking before my DIY
第二支,Marushin Anschtuz 1403 Sporting Rife.
The second one, Marushin Anschtuz 1403 Sporting Rife.
Wow ~! I have three nevers:
1. Never seen an authentic toy in form of a sports rifle (the "sports" of the Olympics, not the "sports" of hunting or wargame)
2. Never seen / heard Marushin producing this rifle
3. Never seen / heard of the brand "Anschtuz"
Wood is very nice, the color is solid and beautiful ... like the wood used by the government furniture two or three decades ago, the good old days.
This gun should have been modified before, because the white layer is an acrylic sheet. This is old style decorative approach, something that I have also made before. This shows the exquisite taste and knowledge of the original owner.
3.从未见过/听见"Anschtuz"...我被人认出一定被笑歪了,"Anschtuz"是一家德国专做运动步枪的家族式老厂,兼做一些狩猎步枪,都是小口径为主,150年历史,全球95%的运动员使用....真正的有眼不识泰山.不过model 1403也是很老的型号.
I couldn’t find out the history of this piece without the markings. The history is actually deep, and also answers my "three nevers"
1. It is estimated that this is the first toy gun in the form of an authentic sports rifle.
2. I have never seen / heard of this rifle by Marushin because the manual (spring) version of this rifle was born in 1987, and the pneumatic version was born in 1993 .... It is too old. There were not as many toy guns in the past. The original owner was rich, he could afford shotguns, bolt actions, and custom builts (DIY), and estimated to be a gun enthusiast at the age of 40 ~ 50 years old. The one I am handling is a springer version ... maybe bought between 1988 and 1990. So the one I got in hand must be around 20 years old.
3. I have never seen / heard "Anschtuz" ... I would be shamed for my ignorance. "Anschtuz" is an old family-ran German manufacturer specializing in sports rifles, as well as some hunting rifles. Mostly small calibers, 150 years of history, used by 95% of the athletes in the world ... it’s me having been talking to an angel without knowing it. But the model 1403 is also a very old model.
The plastic disgusted me, or maybe the materials is too advanced today
像marushin M500 shotgun的前拉出弹仓的进弹方式
Front cocking to expose the chamber for loading just like a marushin M500 shotgun
The tiny ejection port. The toy guns these days have a much wider port. Crap, the rear iron sight is missing.
Original anschtuz rear sight is rare and expensive! Not-worth-the-effort gun
The bolt works but not smooth. It is not difficult to pull. The firepower should match the marui's springer pistols.
Disassembled. While no hopup is normal, but no ball holding rubber !!!
12mm outer diameter aluminum barrel with 18mm cylinder bore !!! 26mm nowadays!
Anti-modification metal part inside the cylinder, which covers up ¾ of the nozzle !!! ... Excessive self-censorship
But the trigger is a direct copy of the anschtuz, which is great! I’m no expert in modification, but between PDI or anschtuz, I think anschtuz is more … possible
However, this anchtuz trigger set is an anschtuz’s old trigger design set.
I have taken the measurements of the cocking handle and the wooden furniture for future DIY projects
M31 DIY完了,另文專述.
M31 DIY completed and documented elsewhere


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