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I wanted to come up with a very loud title, for I have a bit of vanity as an author. However, for the sake of principle, I decided to use the original name ... 6P9, the Soviet code.
Traditionally, the Soviet Union can be said to be the most advanced researchers on suppressor guns, and their technology can be described as out of this world. PB is like PM, only that it is specially designed based on the most popular sound-suppressing principle (although it’s considered an ordinary design by the Soviets)
Generally speaking, the purpose built sound-suppressed guns has the best performance, followed by the integrated sound-suppressed guns, and the worst being externally screw on silencers.
Due to tactical needs, each division of the Soviet Union has their own scouts, which are similar to special forces, but different. Therefore, common weapons and equipment for paratroopers and naval infantry were also used by the scouts. It is unwise for recent Soviet style players to judge the Soviet Union in a Western perspective. 6P9 ... Of course, will be used by scouts or soldiers as they see fit
I will skip the history lessons on the 6P9.
由于DIY时拍照等于玩电玩时save game,所以照片很少,加上上次DIY Makarov已经解说太大,今次的解说是进阶版.
Since taking photos during DIY is equivalent to attending saving spots while playing video games, there are very few photos. In addition, I explained in detail in the previous “DIY - Makarov” piece. The following will be an enhanced version.
The time spent on reserach for this “Late Model” DIY was a painful two and a half months.
为了忠于原枪方牙螺纹,又要承受得KWC co2的力度,找了很久也找不到合适的尺寸,惟有用尺寸相近的PU水管接头…车造方牙螺纹太贵了,不是Home made的理想选择.
To be as authentic as possible to the original gun’s square shape thread, I spent a long time but failed to find something that suits the size which would also withstand the force of KWC Co2, so I used PU water pipe connector with a similar size… a milled square thread is too expensive, not ideal.
Measured the angle of cut, to create a quick-connecting square thread
改善KWC Makarov 保险掣太松的缺陷
Amended the loose safety of the KWC Makarov
6P9 is a purpose designed suppressed gun that looks like a makarov but really isn’t. The recoil spring inside the slide was replaced by a long swinging lever connected to a main return spring inside the grip, so major modification is required for the grips. The plastic was too stiff for cutting so I dissected it with red hot iron.
6P9 grip was so much larger than the makarov. Cuttings required.
Modification to 6P9 recoil system: installing long swinging lever and main return spring
Was a daunting task to file off huge trunk of alloy with careful measurements
Sanding and shaping the metal proxy, with careful measurements taken in advance...
Slide re-shaping
applying poly putty base and repeated mock-up assemblies
Was unable to twist the trigger guard into desired shape, rebuilt one from scratch. Mock-up assembly...
Shape of grip is close enough, now carve and polish
Handmade iron sights and grip panels releasing button (not magazine release)
Outer barrel installation etc
Careful with the attachments
Poly putty applied
Poly putty & Suppressor etc
Milling out a suppressor retention plunger with a spinning screw
Apply primer and inspect for defects. Cut a piece of plastic-leather from a rucksack and form it into grip panels with checkers
Laser-engraving per original drawings
Made the suppressor spring detent button
General apperance
Because there is no suitable knurling in Hong Kong, I found a flashlight with the same outer diameter as the original gun after a long search. MAGLITE is really destined for this gun, and it is not expensive.
Spray on brown and inspect for defect
I bought a 6mm version of DIY because of logistics and concerns about the firepower of the 4.5mm version after it’s modded into suppressed style. I originally wanted to recreate the inner structure of the mufflers, but after testing, I found it seriously off-centred, so I swapped it into a 7.5mm inner tube, but now the suppressing function is gone. Sign.
Glue on and made the detent slot
3M夜光贴的自贴背面用三秒胶点一些后再黏上枪支.我看了很多帖讲及夜光准星,就是不明白人们为何不用AA胶黏, AA胶发不发白也要看新旧胶水和湿度嘛…AA胶黏一定不会掉了!
Luminous sight by some super-glue applied onto the adhesive side of the 3M luminous sticker. I read a lot of posts about the luminous sight, but I don’t understand why people don’t use super-glue. The super-glue will neither whiten nor fall off at the correct humidity and freshness of the glue!
I deliberately persuaded a collector to sell me the vintage 6P9 special holster. I fixed the broken cotton treads.
Color sprayed whole gun with Tamiya TS-40
握把用郡氏H7 Brown喷之,再用红,啡两支马克笔画上雨点纹…
The handle is sprayed with Mr.Hobby H7 Brown, and then paint on rain drop patterns with red and brown markers ...
用洗甲水棉棒轻轻擦,再用郡氏H7 Brown干扫/干点,模拟电木注压胶料流纹
Wipe gently with a nail polish swab, and then use Mr. Hobby H7 Brown to dry brush / dry spot to simulate the bakelite injection molding compound pattern.
Use two brown pens to draw the suppressor, imitating the heat treatment. The trick is to take the next stroke while the last one is not quite dried, so there will be no / reduction of pen marks.
装上握把,用原子灰补好后打磨并用郡氏H7 Brown喷之,再用红,啡两支马克笔画上雨点纹……
Install the grip panels, polish after applying poly putty, then spray it with Mr.Hobby H7 Brown, followed by red and brown markers to paint the rain spots ...
The poly based putty I bought earlier this year is almost exuasted
Diagram contrast
Muzzle is larger than the real gun...
DIY手枪四兄弟合照 PM,MP446,PB,PSM
Group photo of four brothers of DIY pistol PM, MP446, PB, PSM
In addition to being bored and tired, the scouts were stared at by the death himself without knowing it. In the Cold War, how many Western European NATO scouts were stared at by such a green light?
左上,下两点为电筒照射30秒后的准星,右边三个光点是Keyboard Num Lock上的LED
Upper left and lower two points were the sights after being saturated by the flashlight for 30 seconds, and the three light spots on the right are the LEDs on the Keyboard Num Lock.
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