2011-8-10 DIY之KSC M93R 假木柄 False Wood Grips

Brand: Sovietarmy2012's DIY
Product Code: 2011-8-10 DIY之KSC M93R 假木柄 False Wood Grips
Generally, the color of wood is a form of stain of transparent colors. Watercolor is a transparent color.
There are furniture color pens on the market, which are generally used in European and American gunwood.
Furniture color pen colors includes Oak, Walnut, Mahogany Peach / Mahogany:

The most handy ones are transparent red and transparent orange markers, and recently in the marekt transparent brown. Generally Russian stuff use transparent orange.
看见过拙作DIY makarov一文,知道马克笔的妙用,今次讲非木色胶柄改成仿木.台版KSC M93R 是黑胶柄,无人出真木柄,真枪少有兼停产,如此杀器美国民间少有.有真木柄也不是原装版,为了仿木柄而买多一支别厂M93R又很笨…如何是好?
用啡马克笔画雨点纹(东德迷彩), 马克笔的笔头会擦掉一些啡色,正常但要保持笔头清洁.又风干半天.
若效果不好,再用马克笔补画雨点纹, 风干半天又喷一层薄光油.
See my article “DIY makarov”, and you’ll know the magic of the marker pens. This time I will show you how to change the non-wood color rubber handle into imitation wood colors. The Taiwanese version KSC M93R has a black rubber handle. The real steel is rare in even to the American folks. Wood grips are not the original version, and it is kinda stupid to buy another M93R from another factory just for a pair of imitation wood grips ... so what now?
First apply Mr.colour water-based brown, then air-dry.
Then use a brown marker pen to draw rain spot patterns (East German camouflage), it’s normal for the tip of the marker pen will rub off some of the brown base color, but try to keep the tip of the pen clean. Air dry somemore…
Spray a thin layer of varnish. This way the paint particles will attract yet repel each other. Air dry for another day...
If the effect doesn’t look good, use the marker again to create raindrops, then air dry again before respray on a thin layer of varnish.
If the colors looks Ok, you then leave the piece to air-dry for a month, remember not to touch it, otherwise the wrinkles will appear.
Look at the pictures ~

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