2011-11-30 DIY之L1A1(FAL)十發 三十發彈匣 10rd 30rd magazine

Product Code: DIY L1A1(FAL)十發 三十發彈匣 10rd 30rd magazine
This DIY involves FAL 10rds, 30 rds magazines for the ARES L1A1. The base magazine is internal from an ARES L1A1 and an outer shell from a Classicarmy FAL magazine.
The 30rd magazine came under my radar as I was researching for vintaging my L1A1.
Due to the difference in design with the ARES and CA magazines, I had to buy an extra ARES one for this mod, to put the internals of an ARES into a CA shell.
The CA magazine shell is sturdy enough for me to drill holes at the front to install it onto an ARES L1A1. At the rear of the mag, I added a hand folded metal rod with engages with a L1A1 magazine release notch. That's all there is to it.
The remaining ARES L1A1 mag shell was cut short to avoid wastage, and the short 10 rd mag looks great on the civilian type FAL. The internals of this mag… I just left it as is.
今次DIY的FAL 10rd,30rd 弹匣是用于Ares L1A1之上,材料是一个Ares L1A1弹匣作内胆,一个Classicarmy FAL弹匣外壳.
原来为了L1A1旧化而搜集资料,勾起了对30rd 弹匣的兴趣.
由于Ares和Classic army FAL结构不同,惟有买多一个Ares L1A1弹匣改装.把Ares的弹匣芯装上Classic army的壳.
Classic army弹匣的壳强度足够,因此可以在弹匣壳前方开方孔以便装上Ares L1A1枪上,弹匣壳后方加一条手褶的金属条用于扣实 L1A1的退匣扣,就此完成.
多出的Ares L1A1弹匣壳割短....一来免得浪费,二来我喜欢民版的军用枪,上10rd弹匣的FAL也很可爱.至于弹匣芯...还是不改装算了.
Actually the FAL could be used for sniping (or precision shooting), it’s longer than a SVD. I don’t know what the milities are thinking, G3, M14 or even modified AK are being used for this purpose, just no FAL.
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