2011-11-12 DIY之Marui MPL MPK

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Product Code: 2011-11-12 DIY之Marui MPL MPK

我一直对MPL/MPK抱不平,一直想为MPL/MPK讨个公道.最近见到有师兄贴出Marui MPL,我觉得是时候贴文了...





DIY了MPL / MPK八个多月了.

I have always been feeling sorry for the MPL / MPK and always wanted to give the MPL / MPK a fair chance. Recently I saw a post concerning Marui MPL, I think it's my turn to do something …

Walther has been a leader for the German guns designs. Through all the vicissitudes, the factory was almost wiped out after the war ... even PP / PPK had to be produced under the Manurhin’s ... Fortunately, Walter got it’s act together and came up with a sound rate of fire, good accuracy stamped sheet metal design having learnt from the previous complex designs that led to inadequate production numbers…. but only to find the MPL defeated in an aspect that a designer could not imagine, and put an end to it.

If Counter Strike has made the Desert Eagle, like the film “A Better Tomorrow” promoted the M92 to the world, then it was the media that killed the MPL.

[url] http://www.gunsworld.net/german/walther/mplmpk/mplmpk.htm [/ url]

So long for the story.

DIY the MPL / MPK for over eight months.


Comparison of German guns over the same period (all DIY)


The size comparison of German submachine guns in the same period, because UZI has been used by West Germany, it is also counted (all DIY)


In order to synthesize MPL, MPK, I bidded 4 Marui springers from Japan at the time of the Fukushima incident.


One is a shell ejection model, and the other is a simple springer. The shell ejection model was previously modified by the Japanese seller, where the replaceable cylinder was changed to a rechargeable green gas cylinder, the shells could still eject but the internal hoses were aged so the mechanism was a bit glitchy. I thought about converting it into an electric gun, but the room is a bit short to cater to the No. 4 gearbox, so I gave up.


There were full markings on the old version and it has a folding stock. The new version had neither, and MPK was discontinued.






DIY part: Research (three months)> Drill holes where they should be> treading the holes> Fake welds> Laser engraving> Rework on the cocking handle dust cover, ejection port> Coloring

I won't go into details.

Compared with the previous toy gun development, the current manufacturers are really just chasing after the trends. The previous toy guns were classic models, whereas today’s toy gun models are FUDD crap.

Everyone has also bought Marui's guns. Presumably everyone has also seen Marui's catalog. Has anyone thought about why Marui originally produced each handgun and the relationship and epoch of each era?

So don't underestimate the springers!









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