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义和制作的政策Sovinco's Policy

义和制作重视我们客户提供的所有个人信息,因此我们非常注意保护您的信息。 当您注册为义和制作会员或从义和制作订购时,提供的信息将自动提交给义和制作。 所有个人数据仅用于义和制作内部使用。 我们会定期发送新闻通讯,以使您(仅新闻通讯订户)可以在义和制作上了解新产品,特惠和其他特惠信息。

Sovinco Shop values all personal information provided by our customers, and thus we take great care in protecting your information. When you register as Sovinco members or order from Sovinco Shop, the information provided is automatically submitted to Sovinco Shop. All personal data are used for Sovinco Shop internal use only. Periodically, we send out a newsletter keeping you (newsletter subscribers only) abreast of new products, special offers and other special promotions at Sovinco.


收集的个人信息类型Types of Personal Information Collected

义和制作会收集您在使用http://sovinco-replica.com/网站时提供的个人信息。 当您创建义和制作帐户时,此信息包括您的名字和姓氏,电子邮件地址,国家/地区,送货地址,电话号码,生日和密码。 您可以在不创建帐户的情况下浏览本网站,但是在购物时将自动创建一个帐户,以便利用某些功能,例如“以后保存”,“我的帐户”和其他义和制作服务。 当您联系我们的客户服务部门时,我们可能会要求您确认您的个人信息。 这将使我们能够通过验证您的身份来保护您的机密性。

我们将使用您的电子邮件地址回答您的问题,建议和/或使用本网站的帮助请求。 我们收集的任何信息将仅用于内部使用,不会以任何可以识别您身份的方式在义和制作商店之外披露。 拒绝提供此类信息可能会拒绝您访问我们网站的某些部分,或者可能使我们无法处理您提出的任何申请或要求,或者可能以其他方式破坏您的访问目标。

Sovinco Shop collects personal information that you provide when using the wgcshop.com website. This information includes your first name and last name, email address, country, shipping address, telephone number, birth date and a password when you create your Sovinco account. You can browse this Site without creating an account, but an account will be automatically created when you made a purchase and in order to take advantage of certain features, such as “Save for later”, “My Account” and the other Sovinco services. We may ask you to confirm your personal information when you contact our Customer Service department. This will allow us to protect your confidentiality by verifying your identity.

We will use your email address to respond to your questions, suggestions, and / or requests for assistance in using the Site. Any information that we collect will be used for internal use only, and will not be disclosed outside Sovinco Shop in any way that can identify you. Refusal to provide such information may deny you of access to certain parts of our website, or may render us unable to handle any application or request you are making, or may otherwise defeat the objectives of your visit.


使用收集到的个人信息Used of Personal Information Collected

义和制作百分之百反对未经请求的商业电子邮件或垃圾邮件。 未经许可,我们不会向任何人发送电子邮件,也不会向任何未经授权的第三方出售或提供电子邮件地址。 如果您收到来自垃圾邮件发送者的任何不请自来的电子邮件,请放心,义和制作不会向此类各方提供您的电子邮件地址。 但是,我们不能阻止所有垃圾邮件在互联网上发生。

Sovinco Shop is 100% opposed to unsolicited commercial email or spam. We do not send emails to anyone without permission and we do not sell or provide email address to any unauthorized third party. If you receive any unsolicited emails from spammers, please be assured that Sovinco Shop did not provide your email address to such parties. However, we cannot prevent all spam from happening on the Internet.


个人信息可用于但不限于Information may be used for but not limited to:

所收集的所有数据均严格用于上述条款中定义的目的。 我们绝不会将收集到的数据出售给第三者个人或组织。

All data collected is used strictly for the purposes defined in the above clauses. We will never sell collected data to 3rd party individual or organization.


信息的其他使用和披露Other use and disclosure of information

您可以在“评论”部分中发布评论,评论和其他内容。 成员可以选择对产品或评论进行评分,并建立信任网络。 作为未注册的访客,我们还可能允许您对产品和/或评论进行评分。
除非更改默认配置,否则您的评论评分和信任声明会公开显示。 将显示您的会员名称以及您发布的评论和评论,如果其他访问者选择这样做,他们可以接收有关您出版物的电子邮件通知,或将自己的评论发布到您的评论中。
我们可以按照协议中的说明重新发布您的内容。 我们发布产品评分,并使用它们来制定总评分。 我们使用您的评论评分和信任网络来识别或推荐受欢迎的评论者。 例如,我们可能会推广最受欢迎或收入最高的评论和评论者。

You can publish reviews, comments, and other content in the “Review” section. Members can choose to rate products or reviews, and to create a web of trust. As an unregistered visitor, we may also allow you to rate products and / or reviews.

Your review ratings and trust statements are displayed publicly unless you change the default configuration. Your member name is displayed with reviews and comments you publish, and if other visitors choose to, they can receive email notifications of your publications or publish their own comments to your reviews.

We can republish your content as described in the agreement. We publish product ratings and use them to develop aggregate ratings. We use your review ratings and web of trust to identify or feature popular reviewers. For example, we may promote most popular or highest-earning reviews and reviewers.


个人信息更新Update of personal informational

您可以随时修改或删除您的个人信息。 只需转到“我的帐户”。 使用您的电子邮件地址和密码登录以编辑或删除所需的任何信息。 您还可以通过访问我们的网站上的“我的帐户”来更改登录密码。 我们建议您不要将密码泄露给任何人。 在此网站之外的其他地方,义和制作绝不会要求您输入密码。

You can modify or delete your personal information anytime. Simply go to “My Account”. Log in with your email address and password to edit or delete whatever information you wish. You can also change your login password by accessing “My Account” at our web site. We recommend that you do not divulge your password to anyone. Other then on this Site, Sovinco Shop will never ask for your password.


保护您的个人信息Protect of your personal information

您的个人信息的安全对我们非常重要。 为了保护您的在线交易,只有得到我们授权的员工才能保护您的个人数据。 个人数据以电子方式存储时,将被保存在单独的服务器上,并受到密码保护(或处于某种等效形式的保护形式),并且只有义和制作的授权人员才能访问。
最终,您的个人信息将受到在义和制作商店中注册或下订单时创建的密码(或在更改上一个密码后选择的另一个密码)的保护。请对该密码保密。义和制作的任何客户服务代表或任何其他代表都不会要求您输入密码。 密码的机密性是您要保护的。 您可以随时通过“我的帐户”进行更改。 在“我的帐户”中使用您的电子邮件地址和密码登录,然后在“密码”部分输入新密码。

The security of your personal information is very important to us. In our efforts to protect your online transactions, your personal data will be assed only by our employees who are authorized to do so. Where personal data is stored electronically, it will be kept on a separate server and will be password-protected (or under some equivalent form of protection) and accessible only by authorized personnel of Sovinco Shop.

Ultimately, your personal information is protected by the password you created when you register or place orders at Sovinco Shop (or another password you chose after changing a previous password). Please keep this password confidential. No Customer Service Associate or any other representative of Sovinco Shop will ever ask you for your password. The confidentiality of your password is yours to protect. You may change it anytime by going to “My Account”. Log in with your email address and password in “My Account” and enter your new password in the “Password” section.

Cookies和其他计算机信息Cookies & other computer informational

当您访问义和制作时,将被分配一个永久的“ cookies”(一个小的文本文件),以存储在计算机的硬盘驱动器上。 本网站使用的Cookies可能包含您的用户名,电子邮件地址,IP地址或邮政编码。 您可以选择在义和制作上浏览而不使用Cookie。 但是,没有这些标识符文件,您将无法完成购买或利用网站的某些功能。 这些功能包括存储您的购物车以备后用。 必须将您的浏览器设置为接受Cookie,才能以注册成员身份访问网站。

When you visit Sovinco Shop, you will be assigned a permanent “cookies” (a small text file) to be stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies used by the Site may contain your user name, email address, IP address or zip code. You can choose to browse on Sovinco Shop without cookies. However, without these identifier files you will not be able to complete a purchase or take advantage of certain features of the Site. These features include storing your shopping cart for later use. Your browser must be set to accept cookies in order to access the Sites as a registered member.


链接到其他网站Links to other websites

本隐私政策声明仅适用于本网站-义和制作。 如果单击链接到另一个网站的任何超链接,您将离开该网站到另一个位置。 在任何其他网站上,保护您的隐私,个人数据以及暴露于Cookies均不是我们的责任,建议您参考该其他位置(如果有)的隐私政策。

This Privacy Policy Statement only applies to this Website – Sovinco Shop. If you click on any hyperlink linking to another website, you will leave this website for another location. At any other website, the protection of your privacy, personal data, and your exposure to cookies are not our responsibility and you are advised to refer to the privacy policy of that other location (if any).


收费通知Notification of charges

随着我们业务的发展和发展,本隐私政策可能会随着时间的推移进行修订。 我们保留随时更改,修改或修改此政策的权利。 请定期检查我们的隐私政策以进行更改。 修改后使用义和制作网站意味着您同意修改后的本隐私政策。

This Privacy Policy may be revised over time as our business grows and evolves. We reserve the right to change, modify or amend this policy at any time. Please check our Privacy Policy periodically for changes. Use of Sovinco Shop website after modification implies that you consent to this Privacy Policy as modified.



我们致力于保护您提供给我们的任何个人数据。 如果您对我们的隐私有任何疑问或投诉,请联系sales@sovinco-replica.com。

We are committed to protecting any personal data you supply to us. If you have any questions or complaints about our privacy, please contact sales@sovinco-replica.com.

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